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Ingress Version 2 *Beta

In 2007 when King County launched Ingress as a regional security portal, there were discussions about how the county would add future enhancements and services. Since that time, the Jail Inmate Lookup Service (JILS), eSuperform/BARS, and AFIS Name Index (ANI) were added to Ingress.

Now, to move closer to realizing the vision discussed by King County, several agencies, the King County Law Safety and Justice Integration (LSJ-I) Program, KCPCA DIGS project, and others of creating a regional criminal justice portal, King County has performed a major overhaul of Ingress. Effective September 2009, King County will introduce Version 2 of the Ingress Security Portal.

Ingress v2 Objectives

  • Expand on prior concepts
    • Single consolidated point of access to information
    • Integrated search capability (expanding JILS)
  • Further incorporation of information sources
    • Integrated and consolidated access to data across systems
    • Query tools to support searches across applications
    • Applicable inclusion of “public realm” information
  • Vision: a portal for criminal justice practitioners

For more information, access the following documents:

Ingress Version 2 Launch Meeting and Demo Download as Microsoft PowerPoint (890Kb) Download as Adobe Acrobat PDF (4MB)
Ingress v2 *Beta Training Download as Microsoft Word (8.5MB) Download as Adobe Acrobat PDF (10MB)
DIGS Requirements Aligned to Ingress Version 2 Download as Microsoft Excel (33KB) Download as Adobe Acrobat PDF (54KB)

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